A handsome face fell on this stinky girls mouth and he uttered the word ugly Blind stinky girl Tong Jiachen scolded Xiaozhou go out to

He is Shao Zhengqian, the proudest son of the Shao family. She met him and fell in love with him a step later than other women. A chance let her use three years to make him fall in love with her.
Three years later, she finally understood a truth. If you love, you can love or not.
Hard work may not be able to understand.
After that, Tong Xinle resolutely gave up this marriage and left a lifetime behind.
The paper divorce agreement went abroad, but Tong Xinle, who went abroad, didn’t know how crazy Shao Zhengqian was looking for her in the year after she left. What Tong Xinle didn’t know was that Shao Zhengqian did something behind his back to get her back.
What? Three years later, Tong Xinle returned to China because of her grandfather’s illness.
After returning to China, she took the initiative to find him and wanted to do business. Unexpectedly, he was determined to have an endless relationship with her. It’s been a long time since she sat in his office and waited for him. At the sound of footsteps, she stood up, turned sideways, smiled and said calmly, Dr. Shao, I haven’t seen Dr. Shao for a long time.
One of my favorite things is exchanged with you.
Tong Xinle said in the calmest tone that the purpose of her coming here today is either to reminisce about the old days or to make him promise to save people.
That’s all. Talk about seeing Shao Zhengqian bury his head and turn over his desk. His palms were sweaty, she didn’t find anything about Tong Xinle’s meal, what is your favorite thing? Shao Zhengqian raised his eyes with deep eyes, full of anticipation that Tong Xinle would step forward to put their son’s photo on it. The light in Shao Zhengqian’s eyes Dim down, put down the photo, look up sonorously, refuse, not enough, Tong Xinle looked at him in surprise, he became greedy, Ge Zi said, this is a pet article, believe it or not, anyway, Ge Ge firmly believes that there should be applause here Back home at Qingyun Airport, Tong Xinle is wearing casual sportswear, wearing a simple ponytail and pushing a luggage cart. A little boy less than three years old is sitting on it. His clean and fair face is full of anxiety and worry. Looking at her mother’s expression, she didn’t dare to look around.
She held a doll tightly in her small hands and sat quietly on it. Tong Xinle walked quickly to the airport exit. As soon as she arrived at the airport exit, the phone rang on her body and she picked it up. I waited here at the international exit station to finish talking on the phone, she put the phone away, took the little boy off the luggage trolley, and told him to stand close to her, and she put two big suitcases one small at a time like a woman The suitcase was taken off the luggage trolley. No one who looked at it could believe it was Tong Xinle, the cute little girl from the Tong family years ago. Tong Xinle put the suitcase down.
The driver of the Tong family drove over and came down to respect her.
He called Miss Wu, little young master, so I don’t have that much courtesy, put my luggage in the trunk, let’s go, Tong Xinle spoke quickly, hugged her son, and got into the car.
The driver moved the suitcase very quickly.
reserve Then they got into the car and left. At the same time, Daben, who was parked on the third road, followed their car without a second’s delay. Shao Zhengqian followed Tong’s car all the way to the arrival Tong’s villa, he stopped on another road, just watched Tong Xinle take her son trot into Tong’s house, the driver got out of the car, took out the luggage from the trunk and handed it to the servant who came up, and then parked the car.
From the beginning to the end of the underground garage of the villa, Tong Xinle never looked back at him even though he was actually very close to her. He still remembered Tong Xinle once said that as long as he was within a hundred meters of her, she could feel him. He was only 50 meters away from her just now, but she didn’t see him, maybe she didn’t even feel his breath, so now Tong Xinle is no longer the same Tong Xinle who chased him all over the campus back then. Shao Zhengqian impatiently took out his vibrating mobile phone from his trouser pocket. Fourteen missed calls were all from the hospital. Now he called again.
He answered it impatiently and arrived at the hospital in half an hour. Don’t rush him.
After finishing speaking, he hung up the phone.
Duan turned his head and glanced at the gate of the Tong’s villa, then drove away and came back.
In the Tong’s villa, Tong Xinle took his son’s hand and walked through the pavilions and waterside pavilions to the mansion in a hurry. Xiao Binbin followed him all the way. It was hard work, but he never called out. He knew that his mother was very worried about his great-grandpa’s physical condition, and he was also very worried about that kind and lovely great-grandfather.
Every time they made a video