A group is obviously very afraid of these coffins Heiwu these coffins are priceless treasures each coffin is at least 10000 yuan a man in

Digging Master Liu’s grave is neither bitterness nor joy, but only a temporary obsession.
If you are obsessed with one thought, you will be trapped in one thought. Let go of one thought, and you will be at your own pace. The person speaking is an old man in his eighties with wrinkles on his face, but it gives people a kind of feeling Sitting in front of the old man with a kind feeling is a young man named Tang Ding. He is a small farmer in Misery Village.
Misery Village is located in a mountain with inconvenient transportation and isolated from the world.
The young people went to the city and they couldn’t survive in the village of misery, so more and more villagers chose to leave Second Grandpa, don’t make fun of me. If Master Liu’s tomb is robbed, it will be regarded as Master Liu’s robbing the rich and giving to the poor.
I heard that there is a map of an ancient tomb in Master Liu’s tomb. When Tang Ding said this, his brows frowned and he suddenly became nervous.
Who told you that there is a map? Second Grandpa asked suspiciously. Tang Ding is smart.
The matter is that Mr. Liu is dead. Why didn’t he give the map to his granddaughter? Tang Ding asked curiously.
The second grandpa took another sip of the big cigarette and said, don’t even think about it.
Then there will be some map.
Hurry up and go to bed tomorrow, you have to get up early to work Second Grandpa, don’t you know, I want to marry a wife, I want to have a home of my own. I heard that if you don’t have money in the city, you can’t even get a wife.
Will he be single for the rest of his life? Tang Ding worriedly said that whenever he thinks about it, he will feel very sad. If there is no family in this life, what is the point? How many times have I told you that what should be there will definitely be something that shouldn’t be there, and it won’t come to you.
Remember that things can change as you wish, and that troubles are created by your heart. Since this is the case, relax your mind and let it be. No matter when and where, you must have a relaxed heart and maintain an open-minded mind. The second grandpa is reasoning again.
Tang Ding rolled his eyes and said, I am asleep. Living in a group of Tang Dings with great principles, I can’t listen to it. At twelve o’clock in the night, the cold wind blows, and the biting chill wakes up the sleeping Tang Ding.
When he turned over, he found that the second grandfather was gone.
Tang Ding immediately sat up and muttered, “This old guy.” Why is it gone? Suddenly Tang Ding got up quickly, put on his clothes, ran out to the next room, and directly broke in. Zongzi and pine nuts are up, get up quickly, let’s do big things It’s Tang Ding’s best friend.
The three of them grew up together. They do everything together. Brother Tang, what are you doing in the middle of the night? Why don’t you let us sleep? do you want to find a wife If you want to find a wife and want to get rich, wake me up and let’s dig a grave Quickly leave Zongzi and Songzi, put on their shoes and clothes, and follow them all the way to the back mountain. The cold breath comes from the back mountain, and there are cemeteries everywhere. There are wreaths everywhere in the cemetery. There is a feeling that paper people can’t tell. Brother, don’t we come here to really dig a grave? Zongzi said nervously. Songzi tightened his clothes and said that brother Tang digging a grave would be struck by lightning. Don’t talk nonsense, look over there Tang Ding looked forward and saw the second grandfather sneaking close to Master Liu’s grave with a shovel Tang Ding despised the second grandfather, this old guy really came, isn’t it the second Grandpa? Why did he come here? Zongzi asked curiously, Hey, these two grandpas are going to be dug into the soil, and they are digging graves, and the graves of Mr.
Liu are too wicked, right? Grandpa did this to help us marry a wife Tang Ding said, let’s go over and take a look, have you noticed that there seems to be a man in white clothes next to Second Grandpa? It’s not strange at all, I obviously saw Tang Ding, glared at it and said, pine nuts, don’t scare people, there are no ghosts in this world At this time, the second grandpa has already started to move. After digging for a while, the second grandpa was tired, so he sat down and rested for a while. Be kind, you don’t bring me when you come alone to dig treasures, your old bones can stand the toss, Tang Ding and the three came out and looked at the second grandpa with a smile on his face, the second grandpa wiped his sweat, took a puff of a big cigarette, and squeezed out a smile, you boy It’s still here. Now that you’re here, let’s do it.
Hey, Second Grandpa, that’s right. Tang Ding said that he picked up the shovel and prepared to continue digging. Halfway through the digging, Tang Ding smelled a very bad smell, obviously it was from a dead body. What a stinky stinky zongzi, pine nuts, hurry up and stink to death, Tang Ding said, zongzi and pine nuts are always scared, digging a grave is not a good thing, if you offend Mr. Liu’s undead, it will be troublesome, what kind of zongzi is this? After a few clicks, he found piles of red worms inside, and immediately frightened him.
Tang Ding heard the sound, saw the red worms, and immediately frowned. This is the first time he sees red worms.
Please dig the grave. Seeing red bugs is unlucky, we have to leave quickly