A great man once said so In a word 10000 years is too long it’s been a long time Ma Dakuan got into a taxi

Before going out, Ma Dakuan had read the year, month, day, month, day, month, and day of the Chinese calendar.
It is advisable to travel.
Is it advisable or not to travel? Is it a typographical error? It’s about 1:00 in the morning. Professor Ouyang Chun, a leading figure in the calligraphy and painting circles of Jinhai City, is holding the Art Exhibition of the Anniversary of Painting and Calligraphy.
Ouyang Chun’s disciples and grandchildren all came to join in. Ouyang Chun is an old professor at Jinhai Academy of Fine Arts.
Most of his disciples have achieved success in their studies. From the famous cars parked in line in front of the art museum, it can be seen that the exhibition hall is already overcrowded and cannot be squeezed in. Everyone was chatting and smoking at the door. When Ma Dakuan was about to enter the exhibition hall, someone behind him patted him on the shoulder.
Turning his head, he recognized that it was Zhao Pengfei, the class monitor in college, Dakuan. Where did you park the car? Zhao Pengfei pointed with a cigarette in his mouth. Pointing to the black Mercedes in the middle of the road, he said ostentatiously, “Look, I can’t find a parking space, so I can only park on the road and dare not go in for fear that the traffic police will give me a ticket for your car.
Is there a parking lot nearby? Tell me quickly.” Ah, Ma Dakuan smiled wryly and didn’t say anything because he came by subway. He got off the subway and walked away for a minute. Dakuan heard that you’ve been doing pretty well recently. Another classmate came over and smiled and said hello. Go in and have a look at our teacher Ma Dakuan doesn’t want to chat with people because he is afraid that people will ask about his life.
In fact, he is really not doing well. It can be said that life is a mess.
Ma Dakuan is still single this year, and he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. He has worked in this year. Worked as an art tutor in many industries, worked as a graphic designer, opened an antique shop, once dreamed of being a writer, wrote scripts, and also acted as an actor, but in the end he still failed to achieve anything. What caused this ending? He asked himself more than once, but he just wanted He couldn’t find the answer, so he began to fear that failure was not terrible.
What he was afraid of was that he couldn’t find the reason for failure. It can be said that Ma Dakuan’s current life has fallen into darkness. As for this exhibition, it is actually a gathering of old classmates.
Good people like this kind of party the most.
For example, Ma Dakuan is the most embarrassing, but Professor Ouyang Chun specially sent him a WeChat message. Although it was a mass message, Ma Dakuan was flattered and had to come to the exhibition hall. Ma Dakuan was going to meet Professor Ouyang Chun.
After that, I said hello to let the other party see that I was present, and left quickly and quietly, but just as soon as I entered the hall, I ran into an old classmate again. Oh, isn’t this Da Kuan? The person who spoke was Liu Junyao, who was wearing a famous brand handmade suit. He opened an art company and his business is booming, and he is engaged to Zhang Liying, a new-generation female star in the film industry. The scenery is infinitely good, so handsome, long time no see.
Ma Dakuan nods his eyes and looks for Ouyang Chun in the crowd.
I’ll visit you later. Is there any chance of cooperation? Liu Junyao presented a bronzing business card and said that this exhibition is all planned by me. Please feel free to comment. We chatted for a few words, and suddenly the crowd became chaotic. Professor Ouyang Chun appeared, and Ma Dakuan walked along with the crowd.
Many students shook hands with the teacher. Thank you for the better work, who are you? Oh, yes, yes, I remembered that you are the head office of Jintai Auction Company, and the head office of Niu has all gone to Europe.
You are so young and promising. Uh, it was not when Ma Dakuan was embarrassed.
An elegant woman appeared. She smiled at Ouyang Chun. Said teacher, the leader of the Artists Association is here, let’s go and cut the ribbon.
This woman is called Bai Jing, who is also Ma Dakuan’s classmate.
Once upon a time, Bai Jing was Ma Dakuan’s crush. Over the years, Bai Jing has become a little fatter, but she hasn’t aged much.
She must have a rich life. Surrounded by Professor Ouyang Chun, he walked towards the rostrum, leaving only Ma Dakuan alone. Ma Dakuan thought, since he doesn’t know me, why did he send me an invitation? Walk up to the rostrum together Liu Junyao said everyone don’t go to the Xinyue Restaurant opposite, I’ve booked it all Zhao Pengfei also smiled and shouted to everyone everyone must try the Moutai I brought, but it’s the Moutai of the year Ma Dakuan doesn’t plan to go When the dinner was at the door, Zhao Pengfei hugged his arm affectionately and pulled him to go.
The enthusiasm of the students was all good intentions, maybe it was just because Ma Dakuan was too inferior in heart, although there were groups of people toasting at the wine table But Ma Dakuan didn’t raise his head and didn’t say a word, he just drank the wine in his glass.
He had never tasted the taste of Moutai, and he didn’t know if this year’s Moutai tasted like this. In short, the taste was okay, much softer than Erguotou, why everyone? They are doing so well. Ma Dakuan thinks he has worked very hard, but the ending is like this.
Everyone thinks that they are the protagonists in life, but there are only a few protagonists.
There are only a few more people, but they are just foils for others, aren’t they? Is it fair that Ma Dakuan doesn’t want to live like this for the rest of his life? Alas, what’s the use of being hypocritical? Drinking, drinking, drinking one cup after another Could it be that he was drunk? How could he not have had a few glasses of wine at all? In my memory, this kind of dizzy feeling has only happened twice in Ma Dakuannian’s life.