A general of the Qing army shouted loudly the iron cavalry suddenly turned around turned their horses and headed towards Ma Yings Han army iron

Of course, this has nothing to do with the Moonlight Treasure Box, or there is no reason for it at all, or there is a reason, and Lin Feng can’t figure it out.
Hawking’s old man proposed the famous space-time theory to confirm that it is impossible for people to go back in time, but judging from the current situation, this argument is obviously absolutely wrong. It’s a pity that he can’t go back to the century to expose this scientific liar. In fact, last night was very happy. My friends I made an appointment to go to a famous food stall in the west of the city to eat and drink until ten o’clock in the evening.
Everyone was drunk and broke up.
Then I walked on the dark street at night and I couldn’t support myself. I didn’t know where to lie down. Right now, when he opens his eyes, his eyes are full of lush greenery. Although he didn’t pass the test as a pilot, Lin Feng still has 100% confidence in his eyesight. Right now, he is standing on a small hill where the eyes can see. The green grass under the feet is like a breeze, and the whole body is comfortable, as if in a fairyland. The only pity is that the noise is too loud on the small road under the hill.
People shout and neigh. Under the protection of the infantry, he jumped on a load and walked meandering. Looking ahead, the crowd was menacing and long, and there was no end in sight. The reason why Lin Feng confirmed that he had returned to the past was here. Based on his visual inspection, he judged that the physical fitness of those strong men had definitely reached The national second-level athlete standard is such a long line of porters. The green bamboo poles on their shoulders are bent.
Lin Feng can’t imagine that in China in the 21st century, who would have such a big skill? Gather so many masters in this coastal province to take on the burden together, and the cavalrymen who lead the way are all amazingly good at riding. The path under the hill was rough and narrow, but they galloped left and right, rode their horses like flying ups and downs, and leaped vertically. The whip was flying, obviously they had enough energy.
Among Lin Feng’s college classmates, there were quite a few students from the Hulunbuir Grassland in Inner Mongolia. According to their introduction, they were in their hometown. Horseback riding is no longer popular.
In the 21st century, the descendants of Genghis Khan mostly ride motorcycles, and this large troop of cavalry looks neither like a national honor guard nor like a Hong Kong Jockey Club senior jockey. If this is not a mirage, it must be me. The place he was in was weird. Just as Lin Feng was opening his mouth wide and looking at the group of troops below in astonishment, there was a strange sound, and suddenly a loud arrow pierced through the air and flew into the soil in front of him, startling him. The cavalry below separated into a group and spread out to the left and right, and rushed towards the mountain.
In an instant, he was surrounded tightly. Who dares to spy on the cavalry headed by the army? Lin Feng was thinking of a suitable title, and with a slap, he received a solid whip on his back, which immediately hurt his heart and lungs, how courageous he is Before he knelt down, he didn’t know which bastard was behind him, and then he yelled loudly.
Under the stimulation of the severe pain, Lin Feng’s spirit was lifted, and his reaction quickly got up. Please forgive me, my lords. My knees softened, but I finally didn’t kneel down. To be honest, it’s not that he has any strength of character.
It’s just that he has just arrived in the noble land and grew up so big.
Except for Qingming Festival, he seldom performs this etiquette.
He really can’t kneel down. With a bang, a cavalryman next to him raised his wrist and swung his whip again, which made Lin Feng’s heart jump wildly, but the cavalry headed by him had sharp eyes and quickly raised his hand to support his arm, leading him down with a blank expression. Before he could react, there was a whistle behind his feet, and suddenly a powerful big hand wrapped around his waist tightly, holding him captive on the horse like a bag, and laying him across the horse like a bag. I know what it’s like to ride a horse, but now Lin Feng feels like he’s on a sea boat, with his belly tightly attached to the side of the saddle, bumping like hell, and he’s dying of pain. Just when he was about to steal his saber to commit suicide, his waist loosened and he was thrown on the ground with a snap. His butt hit the muddy ground so hard that he cried out in pain.
He reported to the army that he had caught a spy.
Lin Feng peeked at the knight sitting in front of him, which was very different from the cavalry just now. Although he couldn’t say it was fair, at least he wasn’t as fair. The beards under the jaws of those who looked like Africans just now have obviously been carefully trimmed and divided into several strands, which smell like goats. The shiny armor all over their bodies is also obviously high-end, but their facial features are very irregular. It is very obscene and destroys the overall image of the armor.
At this moment, he is holding a book in his hand and looking at himself with a serious face. Lin Feng quickly got up, regardless of the soreness all over his body, and bowed respectfully to Xiaosheng. See where is the general scholar? Why are people here? The general looked at Lin Feng for a long while and asked slowly. The gentle and well-spoken scholar Lin Feng was stunned for a while, but under the reflection of the surrounding swords and spears, he quickly entered the role. He is a local. Going to the mountain to study in a hut, just looking at the mountain, I accidentally bumped into the army, please forgive me, the general looked at his head with a half-smile, Lin Feng subconsciously touched his head with a chill in his heart. It’s not bad. The crew cut was done last week.
Although I was beaten and rode a horse just now, the overall shape of the head has not been greatly damaged.
I raised my head and looked around. The soldiers next to me were all wearing helmets, and I couldn’t compare them, but the porters’ heads were full. It’s a mess, long and short.
Compared with myself, my image is worse. Why is this general interested in me?