A familiar voice called out Li Xiaohe do you want to die Have you forgotten what I said before Li He a wretched old man

I rubbed it, I seem to have taken the wrong list, what will happen if I took the wrong list? Our boss said that we must be of good character, have a clean family background, and have a perfect foundation.
The most important thing is that we often burn incense and offer sacrifices to the boss. Boss Dalian doesn’t even recognize a person whose mother doesn’t recognize him, he can be reborn, and counting the number of days in the world, it takes five hundred years to come once, but the person I caught in a hurry just now is a piece of shit with no background, no backstage, no personality, and no looks He is simply a short and poor representative fighter in the silk, and he is so stingy that every time he passes by our office in the mortal world, he will not take away any hair. If he is reborn, it will be a slap in the face of the boss. I said that your boss is enough. Yes, according to the conditions you said, you can’t get a person with good character and wealth for five hundred years. Who the hell has the money to burn incense and sacrifice to your boss all day long? The boss is kind and won’t let you reincarnate if you don’t give the money. Look at the price. Find someone to reincarnate. Before crossing the bridge, the price is clearly marked on the bridge. Give him a chance to give his family a dream. But then again, so what if I took the wrong one.
I made a list of people who could live to be 12 years old, but ended up living 2 years old. I asked our boss if we should let him go back. Our boss said that if he is going to die sooner or later, the two numbers will be about the same. The guy with the cloak and the scythe who pretends to be serious this time can bring enough treasures.
If you don’t kill him, are you worthy of yourself? Then it’s cheaper.
That piece of wood is reborn. For those mortals, it’s a good thing that they can’t get in eight lifetimes.
He’s not still on your list.
On hand? You can change him casually and let him be reborn.
It’s useless. It’s okay to be a mortal.
Emma, ​​he didn’t paint it clean. He must have something left in his brain, and he painted other people’s stuff in his brain. Even if that guy becomes the emperor, he won’t take half of your money. You’ve sent out all the orders. Do you have to go to the human world to chase him back? Don’t worry, choose a good one next time, right? Let’s say that a few hundred years in the world is not enough time to lose. That’s the way it is. Let’s fire a few cannons to let the god of death.
Don’t exaggerate your grandson’s acting skills, otherwise, if the grandson wins, he will run away. We still have to wait for thousands of years, I wiped it, I still use the time of the world to count, and Nima was born again Inadvertently, the ground turned into a lemon color, without midsummer’s imminent swords, but like a girl’s smile, brisk and nimble, even with faint fragrance, the sky was very blue, without a trace of cloud, and there was no such pure blue that made the sky look extremely clear Like an eye that has been silently waiting there for many years God’s eyes are in a calm and peaceful environment, silently, growing like a vine, with palpable sadness Li He is lying on the roof of the old teaching building with his hands on his head, just staring blankly at the pure water-like sky, just like that, motionless.
Going to school in the morning and lying down until the sunny afternoon, his hands and feet were already numb, his eyes were hurt by the sun, his back was abnormally stiff, but he didn’t care, what he saw when he looked at the sky was like a slide show that kept slipping from before his eyes. A flash of life. The old teaching building is located on the highest slope of the school.
The ivy is like a monster with teeth and claws.
It not only swallows the entire teaching building, but also seems to be preparing to treat the boy lying on the roof as today’s dinner. That boy is Li He, but Li He is not sure whether he is still a teenager. He remembers that day he was in a bad mood and skipped work early in the morning to go out for a ride. However, at the moment when his brakes suddenly failed on the famous sightseeing winding road in Qilin Mountain, he Clearly aware that he was finished, the car without brakes went down the cliff without any suspense, and before he fell to pieces, his ears heard a strange conversation. The unlucky guy the two guys were talking about closed his eyes to face death, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself reborn for a while, Li He felt that the sky was thundering, and there were ten thousand heads rushing through his heart, and then Li He found the two The unlucky guy this guy was talking about turned out to be him, just like the bastard in the sky said, rebirth, but it happens once in hundreds of years, no matter who it hits, it is great luck, but if you are reborn, you can’t change your original life and you can’t make a fortune.
You can’t get rich, you can’t get rich, you can’t get something for nothing, you can’t let the people around you rise to the sky with chickens and dogs, that’s not tossing, what is it? There is also pain in the dream. To determine whether it is a dream or not, you can also try to fall. Li He stood on the balcony of the old teaching building for a long time and finally did not jump. I feel that I’m so fucking sorry for that guy who has a cheap mouth, a cheap hand, and a cheap heart. That guy said that he was a trash in his previous life.
Li He sorted out his situation again. First, he was really reborn.
Now it is the month of the year and the day is his birthday.
At this time, he is a sophomore in high school, studying in the No. 7 middle school in his hometown, Faith City, and he is a sophomore before he turns 11. This age is a bit young, but Li Hyuk has been studying for a long time. There is a reason, this reason, he doesn’t want to take care of it for the time being, because there are more important things that need to be sorted out by him