A death knight rushes Came up to block a shot for the skeleton king Eric Moore dragged his broken body and begged loudly Master Eric

On Death and the Beginning, Bai Gang sat in the infantry fighting vehicle tremblingly, pulled out the magazine for the third time and checked the ammunition again, but this did not relieve his tension at all, so he went on to check other equipment, but there were not many.
Things that can be checked Now, apart from the issued rifle and pistol, there is only one day’s rations, ammunition, ammunition, and ammunition left on Baigang’s body.
Although the new backpack has fully considered ergonomics When driving, the whole backpack of ammunition almost caused his shoulders to bleed.
It is good to defend and fight without a backpack and walk too much, otherwise the weight will not take long to fight and you will be tired without fighting in the state of white steel.
The rest of the people in the unbearable cabin were not much better.
Even the squad leader who had participated in many actual combats was also constantly wiping away his sweat.
But in fact, the temperature inside the car was only around ten degrees, and it was even colder outside. The reason everyone is so nervous about Feng Linglie is because everyone understands that this mission is actually a desperate mission.
When they are about to get off the car, the captain’s voice suddenly rang out.
Wipe off the sweat oozing from your head, tighten your protective clothing, put on your gas mask, buckle your helmet, and shout in a trembling voice, wait until you get out of the car, follow me, don’t worry about anything, just go to the wall and say it again, no matter what you see Don’t bother going directly to the fence, because the squad leader’s voice was a little muddled with a gas mask on, so he could only make it louder as much as possible. The squad leader just finished speaking, and then he roared, got out of the car, rushed out, and opened the tailgate with a bang.
The comrade sitting by the door rushed out and before he could take a few steps, he was captured by a swiftly passing black shadow and was taken aback by the sudden change.
Immediately after, the squad leader’s roar made Bai Gang’s ears buzz.
Buzzing, don’t look stupid, rush out, don’t stop, don’t stop, received the order, Bai Gang’s body reflexively plunged out, and waited for someone to go out before reacting, Nima, but there is still a damn black shadow outside, good thing there Heiying didn’t attack him this time, so Baigang had time to carefully observe the surrounding environment.
The ground outside the vehicle didn’t know what kind of battle it had experienced.
In front of the vehicle, there was actually a huge crater, and there were many corpses scattered around it, including humans.
There are also monsters, and the acid rain that contains a lot of radiation is constantly falling, which is why they wear protective clothing. The previous nuclear explosion polluted the entire area.
After passing this crater, there is Baigang, the position they want to reinforce. A three-story-high concrete fence, white steel, just ran two steps, and there was a bang, something fell from the sky and hit the front, and the splashed debris hit his neck sorely. He stretched out his hand and grabbed a piece of bloody pieces of meat, which just hit the ground. It was nothing else but the corpse of a comrade who had been snatched away by the shadow before.
A disfigured corpse that had been bitten and looked up along the trajectory of the corpse’s fall, only to see a ferocious gargoyle hovering in the air, mockingly. have to point to white Gang let out a roar, revealing a mouth full of blood. As soon as his head was hot, he raised his gun and fired a 100mm rifle bullet, splashing a few puffs of smoke and dust on the gargoyle, but the monster just trembled and added a few shots to the fleshy wing membrane. The hole in the torso was not even injured, and the bullets were all blocked by the thick cuticle.
At this time, the wall-mounted millimeter anti-aircraft machine gun flashed a flame and accurately hit the arrogant gargoyle.
The powerful millimeter machine gun bullets instantly tore apart.
It hit the gargoyle’s body, it disintegrated in the air, and the stinky blood splashed all over Baigang’s body, and then it was washed down by the rain.
Stepped on the corpse of the gargoyle in anger, picked up Baigang with both feet, and walked past the corpse of his comrade-in-arms, picked up the backpack and rifle, and took the bullets with him.
A strong man with a face full of smoke and a crazy expression rushed over, grabbed Baigang and was about to take off his bag, so scared that he backed up again and again, this guy is absolutely crazy without protective clothing Bullets, did you bring bullets, quickly bring them to me in the backpack It’s bullets, but there aren’t many magazines, so it doesn’t matter if you load it yourself.
If you have bullets, there are so many empty magazines here. The strong man turned his head and shouted to his companions, come here, a few people. After agreeing, he took off his backpack, and then a group of people swarmed up and divided up the ammunition on the spot. Bai Gang was stunned to see this place, but this is a permanent fortification. How could there be no bullets? After you finished the bullets, no one cared about Bai Gang.
Everyone was red-eyed and crazy, and they buried their heads in the empty magazines, and they didn’t even have the interest to open their mouths to answer, and none of these people were wearing protective clothing. You should put on protective clothing. Radiation A veteran stared blankly with red eyes.
Just shut up, do you think we can go back alive? The radiation level is already very low in this rainy day. At least it won’t kill you until you are eaten by the undead. The newcomers hesitated for a while, but within a few seconds they all started taking off their protective clothing. They knew very well that this time it was impossible to go back alive.
Bai Gang also took it off. Bai Gang squeezed out from the crowd and lay on the parapet Looking up and looking out, I finally saw with my own eyes the battlefield I was about to be in for the first time. Although it was three stories high, there were already so many corpses and bones under the wall that there was a slope leading to the top of the wall.
The buried bulldozers apparently tried to clear the slope before but failed.
The wall at this time can no longer provide effective protection.