A bunch of servants surround her and she doesnt even dress as well as the servants and now they come to tell her that Ni

Ni Yan was reborn and reborn into the era.
In this age of starvation but full of business opportunities, Ni Yan rewrote the tragic fate of his previous life. Stepping on top-quality abuse, scum and scum mixed with shopping malls, a pair of bare hands counterattacked from an ordinary peasant girl to a world-class richest woman.
Created a world that belongs to Ni Yan. During the process of Ni Yan’s fortune, he accidentally provoked a mysterious big shot and let’s see how a high-cold big shot turned into a strict wife The day the heroine conquered, she was reborn, it hurt a lot, her body suddenly lost weight, as if someone suddenly pushed down from a tall building, her body was smashed to pieces, Ni Yan opened her eyes from a burst of dizziness, her vision changed from blurry to clear The surrounding sounds also changed from hazy to clear.
Ni Yan squinted her eyes, and there was a dim yellow light above her head, which flickered like the kind of low-wattage light bulbs in the countryside in the 1970s and 1980s, which made people dizzy and dizzy. The crying sound of the baby coming here Why is there a child crying Ni Yan suddenly felt that the scene in front of him was too familiar Just before Ni Yan could react, a tall and thin old lady ran in from outside and gave birth to me excitedly The eldest grandson is born, let me see my eldest grandson, my grandson, grandma is here, my baby, the woman on the bed holding the crying baby, there is no smile on her face, her eyes are full of shame, mom, I’m sorry, it’s not a boy, it’s a girl, I want to let the mother-in-law Disappointed, as soon as the old lady Mu lifted the quilt covering the baby girl, her expression changed in an instant, and she cried, “My grandson, what about my grandson, you bitch, you return the woman on my grandson’s bed, crying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, mom, I’m sorry, yes.” I’m sorry for the old Mu’s family, but I promise, I guarantee that the next child will be given to our old Mu’s family. You still have the face to say the next one.
Think about how many losers you have given birth to. The old slut who gave birth to her son, Mrs. Mu, said viciously, and immediately threw it away. Our old Mu family can’t afford such a little slut. The ears are full of these ugly words.
Ni Yan raised her hand and rubbed her temples. Suddenly, Ni Yan was stunned. These hands are white, delicate and slender, her hands are full of scars after years of baptism, how can they be so beautiful, but the little red mole on the tiger’s mouth is indeed the one on her hand Ni Yan suddenly realized that it was her hand when she was young.
If she If this is not a dream, it is the summer of 1983, and her life has been ruined. At this time of the year, she is still called Mu Yan. Ni Yan is the name she changed after she escaped from this purgatory on earth.
She was born in a patriarchal family.
The woman’s mother was named Ni Cuihua, who gave birth to four daughters and was thrown away. The three fathers were named Mu Jinbao. Because she was patriarchal and wanted to have a son, she raised a mistress outside Ni Cuihua. She was so mad that she was sold to an old bachelor in a neighboring village and tortured by her mistress, and that cursing and fierce-faced person was her grandmother, Mrs.
Mu. She never protected her mother. Get close to the youngest sister this time, even in a dream, she must protect her mother and sister Grandma don’t do this, don’t throw my sister Ni Yan out to protect her mother and sister Old lady Mu slapped Ni Yan Ni Yan’s face In the last moment, there was an extra slap print and you lost money. How dare you stop your grandma and want to die, right? Even though she is in such a bad environment, Ni Yan is still ecstatic when she comes back. This time, she must control her own destiny, protect the people around her and fight to the end with Mrs.
Ni Yan looked up at Mrs. Mu and said, Grandma, I am Your granddaughter, may I ask where you put yourself when you scolded me for losing money If she is going to be stared at, this loser dares to talk back, but this time Mrs. Mu dare not scold again.
If she scolds, she will indirectly admit that she is an old loser. It’s the other way around.
You get out of my way.
Otherwise, I will kill you, Mrs.
Mu, push Ni Yan away, and snatch the baby girl from Ni Cuihua’s arms on the bed, grandma, she is also your own granddaughter, please don’t throw her away, now Ni Yan can only ask Mrs. Mu, her younger sister was just born and was thrown into the mountain Ni Cuihua got up from the bed and knelt in front of Mrs. Mu, crying, “Mom, I beg you, don’t throw her away, please, as long as you don’t throw her away, I am willing to be a cow and a horse for the old Mu family.
” Ni Cuihua is an honest rural woman who has not received education and does not know a single word I don’t even dare to refute it. I heard that the old lady Mu was so angry that her facial features were deformed. You should have been a cow and a horse for our old Mu family. You bitch who can’t give birth to a son. The nemesis is all because of you, our old Mu’s family has no grandson, mother, please don’t throw away my child, okay? Husband Mu Jinbao and Mrs. Mu are also in the same group. He doesn’t feel sorry for his daughter. He wants a son in his dreams. Mu Jinbao grabs Ni Cuihua’s hair and says viciously. A bitch who can’t have a son, how dare you resist? See if I don’t beat you to death today, Ni Cuihua didn’t even shed tears. Her life is too hard. Why didn’t God give her a son? Why?