A bite of the apple leaf in his hand can also think about it and always feel that Ye Ye It is impossible for Xue

Five years, Ruan Ruan has left this city for five years, but five years is still too short for Ruan Rou, after all, everything is too late to forget, but watching the phantom reflected on the glass window, Ruan Rou sighed in her heart, I still choose When I came back, I left silently and no one saw me off. Now I come back silently and no one greets me. Five years ago and five years later, Tenderness is all alone. The reason for this is not because she likes to be alone, but because she likes to be alone.
Gentle is still a fugitive, a person who is forced to flee in love, a prisoner who cannot forget the past and cannot be released. Some people are like this. The more painful the thing, the more they want to forget, and the more they want to forget, the clearer it is.
Gentleness is Such a strange person, all the people in this city, all the things about this city, all the things about this city are still fresh in the memory of Gentle, inaccurately speaking, the time of Gentle is completely stuck in the waiting room at the airport just five years ago In the crowd of shuttles, tenderness suddenly seemed to see the embarrassing self when I left here five years ago, gentleness with bruises and bruises fled the city hastily, it was a last choice but it was the only way out again five years later Although when she came back to this city, she would no longer be as distraught as she was then, but occasionally she would still feel a burst of suffocation. Maybe it was too early to come back, but just five years is not enough for her to calm down as if nothing had happened. When she came back, even Ruan herself didn’t expect that she would accept that invitation.
When she left, she thought that she would never come back in her life.
From the moment she boarded the plane until the plane landed, Ruan was still thinking over and over whether her decision was wrong. Crossing an overpass, Wenrou clearly remembers that this place used to be a residential area, no matter whether Wenrou admits it or not, five years have passed, Wenrou’s memory of this city is like a yellowed old photo, every time the wheels of the bus turn forward The circle paints a new layer of color for the gentle memory. The city has changed too much during her departure.
Maybe it is right to choose to come back. At least I can not let myself continue to linger in the memory.
At this moment, Wenrou really realized it.
In her ignorance, she has lost five years of time.
Gently pressed her right hand tightly to the car window, it seems that only in this way can she get closer to the city and eliminate the sudden strangeness in her heart. The trace of uneasiness brought by the cold glass gradually took on the warmth of the palm, as if in a gentle heart, those feelings that she tried to forget because of the familiar scene touched. I don’t know if the air conditioner in the bus is turned on too much. It’s a gentle feeling.
Feeling the chills, she took out a big shawl from her bag and gently brushed her long black hair to her chest, then put the shawl on her shoulders, then lightly picked up her long hair and casually scattered it behind Gentle A series of elegant movements attracted the attention of the man next to him. The unknown man walked up to Wenrou handed out his business card to Wenrou and asked Miss, I am the person in charge of this economic company. I don’t know if Miss is interested in being a contracted model of our company.
We are now looking for an endorsement model for a brand-name shampoo, Wenrou.
Looking at the owner of the voice, he took the business card politely, smiled politely and said, let me think about it, if I have this intention, I will contact your company within two days The man left with a thousand miles of wit, but felt sorry for the tenderness in her heart. Although she was not interested in models, she didn’t throw away the business card out of politeness, but put it in the outermost interlayer of the bag, like this kind of stranger The gentleness of people strike up a conversation has long been used to and is enough to deal with it freely. I thought that after leaving the passionate and romantic France, this kind of situation would be reduced a lot. I didn’t expect it to be like this when I returned to China. I got off the bus and walked to the nearest taxi stand with my head down and looked tenderly.
The footsteps that I kept moving forward, step by step, step by step, this sense of solidity from the bottom of my feet made Wenrou more sure that this time it was really not a dream to get a taxi.
Wenrou gave the address of the destination and the taxi driver looked back.
Wen Wen, who was carrying a violin with her, asked with a smile, Miss, are you going to take the exam for the Sound of Music Symphony Orchestra? There are so many people going to take the exam today.
When I passed by there just now, the traffic was really congested. Wen Wen just smiled politely.
Didn’t affirm or deny to take part in the Sound of Music Symphony Orchestra’s exam? I can’t say no, it’s just a little different, but Gentle doesn’t want to explain too much to a stranger.
She turned her head and looked out of the window again.
This is a gentle experience.
If you don’t want to be with The taxi driver gossips, so other than playing with the phone, this way of locking eyes out of the window is the most effective way. This time, the trick worked again.
The taxi driver did not say anything more. The silent taxi drove past a university. For this scenery that is not unfamiliar but not very familiar, Gentle’s eyes widened for a moment, and her heart throbbed. This is the university campus where I studied for a year.
That’s right, the artistic bronze sculpture at the school gate.
He is often there. Waiting for me to suddenly feel like a boulder was pressed against my chest, Gentle frowned and closed my eyes, I finally came back. About five minutes later, Gentle slowly opened my eyes, but she didn’t have the courage to look again. Meek’s fingertips outside the window draw spiral circles on the violin case.
This is her habitual action when she is in deep thought. A person’s name is lingering in Meek’s heart, just like the past five years. forget this person