A big brother heard the sound Lin Qiubai suddenly opened his eyes and jumped up his eyes fell on the place where the cry for

Under the scorching sun, hundreds of preparatory students are already sweating profusely, but they are still clenching their teeth and waving their arms vigorously.
They are carrying out the elementary school enlightenment training on the way of martial artist training.
Physical exercise is the basic state of martial artist training. It means to use acquired efforts to stimulate the innate hidden in the body.
This stage of potential is very hard, like an eagle breaking its beak, like a phoenix bathing in fire If the warrior is severely disabled, he will die.
If the warrior can exercise his body to the point of generating vitality, it means that the warrior has a good cultivation talent. At this time, he has to work hard day and night to have a chance to successfully break through the Yinyuan Realm. Martial arts practitioners have excellent grades in elementary school education and are eligible to be recruited by the inner court as regular students. Preparatory students who do not break through the Yinyuan realm will be sent home or become mercenaries or craftsmen, and gradually return to ordinary life. They are eleven or twelve-year-old teenagers, but each one of them wields their boxing skills with all their strength. After all, youthful feelings are always full of pride.
Who doesn’t want to live a life of ups and downs, excitement, and even joyful cultivation? One side is famous and even becomes a legend. Stop the sun and go back. Remember to drink the nutrient solution. Following the instructor’s yell, the teenagers slowly stopped punching. One by one, they left the martial arts field with tired steps. Lin Qiubai’s muscles were trembling and he stood there gasping for breath, his mouth was dry.
At the same time, it was also extremely bitter because he had no nutrient solution to drink.
Lin Qiubai’s parents just sacrificed the mercenary union’s meager sympathy money in a mercenary mission before he traveled.
The nutrient solution only supported him for two weeks. Now Lin Qiu Bai’s water bag has already turned into clean water without any vitality. Every time after completing heavy training tasks, Lin Qiubai can only use clean water to soothe the pain of muscle tearing.
He also knows that there is no nutrient solution to nourish the body and it is a waste of time to exercise.
Overdrawn life, the accumulation of hidden injuries may cause him to die suddenly at any time, but he looked at it and was slammed from the side. Lin Qiubai’s weak body lost his balance and fell heavily to the ground.
Blood flowed from his forehead, and his face was blurred. The person who hit him was Cao Zhendong, the son of his parents’ old enemy. Cao Zhendong’s parents were also mercenaries, and they were enemies, so the Cao family and the Lin family often had conflicts. I don’t have the capital to resist, just like now I can only lick my wounds in desolation, hahaha, rubbish stuff, I don’t even know how my parents died Dare to knock him down, but dare not make an inch because this is the school.
In the Xiansheng Dynasty, there are four kinds of institutions. The door is an elementary school.
Because it is an elementary school, the rules are strict and trespassers will be hit directly. Killing the students of the school, if the classmates kill the violators, they will be abolished and exiled for a lifetime and become a laughingstock.
There was once a prince whom the emperor loved in the school. The news spread to the palace to show his sage. The emperor only said one sentence.
On top of Wan Xuefu, there are nine thousand sects.
In the Xiansheng Dynasty, warriors who can enter the sect to receive higher education are considered real powerhouses. Knowing the background of the Xiansheng Dynasty, Lin Qiubai seemed very calm. At the academy, his safety is at least guaranteed. He can’t be afraid of Cao Zhendong’s killing him.
He persisted for three weeks. Your hidden wounds should be fatal, right? My lord, let me tell you a secret. Do you know why your parents died? It’s because there was a praying mantis behind them when they were carrying out their mission. Hehe, you should know who the mantis is referring to. Echoing Cao Zhendong’s laughter, he has been shrouded in the shadow of Lin Qiubai for several years.
Every time his parents were beaten by his parents, it was because he was not as diligent as Lin Qiubai, and he was not as talented as Lin Qiubai. How could Cao Zhendong not wish he could take revenge in person? Until Lin Qiubai was defeated and decadent like a bereaved dog, Cao Zhendong was extremely happy and hateful.
After struggling for a long time, Lin Qiubai was able to sit on the ground in a state of despondency, silently in a daze Mutated into Tiandao payment software binding, information confirmation, software running, automatic scanning, and opening Tiandao payment system. The massive amount of information in his mind surprised him.
After more than ten minutes of research, he finally understood the role of cheats.
Tiandao payment system was originally Lin Qiu. A payment software in Bai’s mobile phone mutated and evolved into the Tiandao payment system because he traveled with him. The Tiandao payment system can automatically scan the surrounding natural materials, earth treasures, artifacts, beasts, panaceas, miraculous medicines, martial arts, martial arts, and martial arts.
Of course, according to the Supreme Heavenly Law, if you want to obtain treasures, you must pay the corresponding value of luck value.
Luck is only mastered by the Supreme Heavenly Way.
Others and even the luck of the Zongmen country allow Lin Qiubai to achieve the goal of getting something for nothing.
What’s more interesting is that the Tiandao payment system also has a heavenly red envelope, a heavenly treasure box, a heavenly fairy, this kind of benefiting activity to help the host grow rapidly. In other words This is a cheating device brought from the earth, but this is only a part of the magical function of the Tiandao payment system.
More anti-sky effects will be enhanced with Lin Qiubai’s cultivation base.