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The world pattern was re-divided in 2000. The investigation bureau headed by the Alliance confronted all kinds of weird threats to human beings. Mysterious caves that were deeper than the center of the earth suddenly appeared.
The bottomless abyss was born at the northern end of the sea.
Common sense has been completely subverted.
A robot with a soul has built its own mechanical capital.
The lord of the Eastern Forbidden Island has cast iron into a city of molten iron.
The self-proclaimed gods have established a new religious alliance on their own island.
The palm of your hand cannot cover it. The whole world, but the containment and control will never stop. Su Ming travels to this magical world. Countless possibilities are unfolding in front of him, and he needs to complete a secret mission that he doesn’t even know.
The upper consciousness began to return from the fingers, and then the consciousness began to recover. Su Ming opened his eyes, and the liquid smashed into his eyes. What happened? Su Ming’s body temperature was quickly taken away from him, and his mind was still in a state of confusion, Su Ming, you can you, you can hear the noisy electronic sound, it seems to be right next to your ears, and it seems to come from the rain curtain, you can hear it, you can hear it There is no sound, the gender of the owner is not even clear whether it is an auditory hallucination, don’t die, the sharp noise disappears after a few seconds, the surrounding area becomes quiet again, there is nothing but the sound of rain, as if everything just now was just an auditory hallucination What happened just now? Whose voice was that? Fragments of memory gradually emerged. Su Ming remembered some broken fragments. I am a senior high school student in Qinghai High School.
I just finished the college entrance examination. Why is it here? Just when Su Ming was wondering, several beams of light blue light flickered in his vision, forming a system interface in front of his eyes.
Welcome to Weird Containment Terminal-level Commissioner Mr. Su Ming, I am very happy to serve you. The voice of the system is cold and mechanical.
It sounded in Su Ming’s mind. He blinked. The interface in front of him changed quickly for a few seconds, and then a page of user instructions popped up.
This terminal is connected to the lighthouse system. The proportion of weird records in the world is 2.
That is to say, most of the weird things you encounter.
This system has information.
This system will assist you to complete super missions. According to the crossing guidelines, the key memory in your brain has been erased.
The memory is stored in the main system.
Return the memory after completing the task.
What key memory has I been erased? I can’t feel it at all.
Su Ming frowned and thought about it. The interface slides to the bottom and clicks next in his heart. The name of the host in front of Su Ming, Su Ming, age, age, physical condition, normal body temperature, low body temperature, collection of abilities, no existing abilities, super intuition Introducing what jumps out at your intuition in 99 out of 10 situations It will give the correct answer.
After evaluation, the ability is super. Please note that this ability can only prompt the correct answer by passing on a special feeling, and cannot directly give the correct answer. Please note that this ability can only perceive things that are directly related.
It is invalid for things that are indirectly connected. After reading it, Su Ming understood the meaning of these few sentences. The meaning of this system is that super intuition is very powerful, but if you want to use this ability well, you can’t follow your intuition completely. You have to use your own brain. Know yourself After the ability, Su Ming began to explore other functions of the system, and soon he found all the functions.
At present, there are not many functions loaded in this system, only the ability to collect information, analyze potential and add points.
These three are in addition to the three already shown. There are three other functions that are hidden by the symbols used by the system. Although the origin of this system is unknown, Su Ming’s intuition tells him that this system can be trusted.
Su Ming stood up and looked around.
Outside, the surrounding area is as dark as ink. In the pitch blackness, the twisting light is particularly eye-catching. Su Ming shivered. The temperature of his body is losing rapidly. If he continues to stay still, the heat in his body will be quickly absorbed by the rain. There is no way to take it away, but to get closer to the light.
There may be someone there, and Su Ming’s intuition told him that the light halo is safe. After walking for dozens of meters, he came to a white light at the entrance of a subway station. Hanging at the top of the station entrance, this is the true face of the halo just now. The dark green iron bars and glass on the head make up the canopy.
At the foot, there are dozens of steps leading directly to the depths of the underground station.
The station entrance is dead silent.
No one was there, Su Ming stood on the highest step, staring at the entrance, frowning slowly.
His intuition told him that this station was dangerous. Even if it was raining outside, it would be much safer than entering this station. Although he didn’t know why he would.
I have such a feeling, but is this feeling extremely strong and super-intuitive? He originally thought that this so-called intuition was at most a vague guide, but he never thought that the feeling could be so strong.
He wants to leave here and find a nearby store or shopping mall to shelter from the rain.
According to common sense, the vicinity of the subway station is basically a commercial area, so it is easy to find a place to shelter from the rain.
Su Ming walked quickly in the rain.
The wet pants and clothes stuck to his skin Walking became very troublesome.
After a few seconds, the skin was completely cooled. Su Ming’s body seemed to be covered with a thin layer of ice.
Only the internal organs were still warm. People couldn’t last long in such heavy rain, but he believed that he didn’t have to last for too long. Fifteen minutes passed. Su Ming walked all the way in the rain. The heavy rain blocked his vision.