1’s baseball bat felt a little more at ease and went to the door to hear that girl inside is so beautiful if you can

Stones from Bermuda, look, look, there are a lot of beautiful stones here.
A crisp voice rang in Yang Bo’s ears.
Yang Bo followed the voice and looked. A girl in a yellow dress jumped and ran to the front of a handicraft store, followed by a girl wearing a yellow dress. White jeans and a white shirt are walking unhurriedly to see that you are as big as a child, alright, help me to see which of these two looks good, and Yang Bo sees that he is choosing with great interest. The two girls from the stone crafts couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. Both girls are very beautiful. It can be said that they are the most beautiful women Yang Bo has ever seen in his life except for movie stars. The key is that movie stars are all seen on the computer.
The two are real in front of my eyes, and two of them appear at the same time, especially the girl in white jeans, who is about 20 years old and tall, with a tall figure of at least 1.
7 meters. Huang Xiaomin is even better.
This is a very common shop selling handicrafts in the Nandu handicraft market in Nandu City. The shop is very small and you can see all the goods at a glance, but there are still a lot of small handicrafts.
There is a small table at the entrance. It is full of all kinds of small stones, and some of them are painted with patterns of flowers and plants or animals according to the shape of the stones. The two girls are picking at the table and chatting non-stop. The two beauties, I am these The cobblestones that came back from Baimu Island. Have you ever heard of Baimu Da? Ordinary cobblestones can’t help being happy, people nowadays are too quick-witted to do business, they can even think of big cobblestones. Suddenly, Yang Bo felt a red light piercing his eyes. It was the cobblestone held by the girl in the yellow skirt. It may be reflected in Yang Bo’s eyes when the sun shines on it, but it’s strange that when the red light pierced his eyes just now, Yang Bo felt his heart beat faster and his head was a little dizzy, as if he had drunk high-grade liquor. As if nothing had happened, Yang Bo took two steps forward and stared at the pebble.
The girl in the yellow skirt just put the pebble back on the table, and Yang Bo took the pebble in his hand. The big round eyes stared at him and saw that he just looked at the stone in his hand and ignored him, he just went to bargain with the shopkeeper, Yang Bo didn’t care how much he looked at the cobblestone in his hand carefully That kind of shape is like machine-made, definitely not natural. There is a small hole in the middle. The overall earthy red surface is very rough and has no luster. Yang Bo wonders how such roughness reflects sunlight.
I just remembered that I felt like I was drunk just now. At this time, the two girls had already chosen the bill and left.
Yang Bo asked the middle-aged uncle, the boss, how much this piece is. Hehe, little brother, you have eyes.
The pendant used to ward off evil spirits is very collectible. If it’s cheaper, I’ll charge you a piece. Boss, don’t think I don’t know that those two girls just bought it for only a piece. Little brother, I, Liu Zhuansheng, have been doing business here for several years.
Who here doesn’t know who I am? I will give you a discount and take it away. I really picked it up at the seaside when I was traveling in Bermuda last month.
It was very smooth and beautiful. I brought it back from thousands of miles.
Who knew it would become like this in a few days. Otherwise, if you give me a piece, I won’t sell it. Yang Bo still remembers the feeling just now, so he wants to buy it back and study it.
I feel that this stone is destined for me.
Boss Liu, you can give me a red string. I wear it as a hanging Let me put it on for you.
The middle-aged uncle quickly took out a red string, threaded the cobblestones and handed them to Yang Bo.
Then he leaned over and lowered his voice and said, little brother, you are a real one. To tell you the truth, I am the only one in this pile of stones.
One piece was really brought back from Bermuda, it won’t be a loss to you, thank you, Boss Liu, business is booming, Yang Bo also handed the money to the uncle, took the red string around his neck, thanked the uncle, and continued to wander on the street Yang Bo He is a third-year student of Nandu Medical University. If he doesn’t go home on holidays, he will come to the Nandu Handicraft Wholesale Market next to the university town to look at the fresh things and some antique stalls. He also likes to see those old men working there.
It’s very interesting. He knows that most of them are fake, so he never buys them.
He just takes a look at the excitement and strolls around for a while. The sky is dark and it might rain. Yang Bo walks towards the gate of the market and prepares to go back to school.
He just walked to the gate of the market to listen.
There was a loud noise coming from the front, only to see a group of people in front of him, Yang Bo was not a nosy person, he wanted to pass by to take a look, and then he just walked to the side of the crowd, he heard a woman’s voice, you rascal, my car stopped After getting off, she went to my car and lay down.
I didn’t bump into her.
Why should I pay money? Yang Bo heard the voice sound familiar. He walked into the crowd and saw that he was next to the two girls who bought cobblestones in the handicraft store just now.
A red BMW was parked in front of the front wheel, and a woman was lying there with half-closed eyes, humming there.
In front of the two girls, there was a dark, fat man. You were about to cross the road and your car ran over quickly. My wife was knocked down before she could get out of the way. Fortunately, I dodged fast, otherwise our husband and wife would have been killed by you. Driving so fast, the girl in the yellow dress you were talking about just now was so angry that she couldn’t speak. The girl in jeans looked calmer. You are obviously blackmailing. Our car didn’t touch her.